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World Taekwondo Champions in Scotts Valley

2013 World Taekwondo Champions are training and teaching at Choi’s Taekwondo in Scotts Valley. Mr. Ji Sung-Ha and Ms. Ji-Youn Kim are both currently students at Korea’s National Sports University (located near Seoul in South Korea), which is where most of Korea’s elite athletes (including their Olympians) train and study. Mr. Ha and Ms. Kim have both won Korean national and international Taekwondo championships, and last year they were invited by the Chinese government to perform demonstrations across mainland China. During their time in Scotts Valley Mr. Ha and Mrs. Kim will be sharing their vast martial arts knowledge with Choi’s Taekwondo students, and also teaching special seminars open to members from other Taekwondo studios. In addition, Choi’s Taekwondo is offering a special introductory program for new students while Mr. Ha and Ms. Kim are visiting. For information please call 831-438-1765 or email: