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Newsletter December 2014

Hello everyone,

Wow, we are already at the end of the year. This year just whizzed by for me.  It was a great year in many respects, with 10 students testing for their 1st Degree Black Belt (Aliyah Crawford, Theo Fowler, Wesley Haver, Thuy Le-Haver, Erick Eklund, Jake Eklund, Devin Kelly, Jim Kelly,  Dhruv Shetty, Drew Bryson ) ; 8 students testing for 2nd degree (Erinna Woo, Elliott Wholey, Dakota Bragdon, Sean Osterkamp, Carson McElrone, Scott Silviera, Luka John Cheney, Sina Besharat) ; and 2 students testing for their 3rd degree Black Belt (Zoe Hur and Gabbi Smith) with a great success.  Also, I was able to take some of our Blacks Belts to Korea over the summer for taekwondo training and cultural experiences.  I was told by many on the trip that it was an “awesome” and “amazing” trip.  I hope to have many more trips for our students in the future. We also had a bit of health scare with my daughter Elise, but she recovered well and we are very thankful.  We also have few students going away to college each year and this year was no exception.  Erinna Woo is at Pomona College and Jake Eklund is at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. I wish them well.

Black Belt Boot Camp: December is when I put together the Black Belt Test roster for next year.  I will have the roster by end of next week.  Black Belt test is usually held on the second Saturday in May.  Mandatory Saturday morning Black Belt Boot Camp will start on January 10th.

Facebook page for Choi’s TKD: Your GM Choi is trying to become social media relevant.  As many of you know, I am not very savvy with anything related to social media but I managed to set up a Facebook page for our studio.  So I hope you will check it out and “like me”.  If you have any ideas about how to make our page more active or interesting, please let me know.  I am hoping it becomes a platform for sharing pictures and such.

CUTA (California Unified Taekwondo Association): I was elected to the CUTA Board of Directors for two year term in 2013.  During the two year term, I had an opportunity to meet some very interesting and important people in Taekwondo both here in the United States and internationally.  The personal connections I made during my term as a Board Member has benefited our studio with opportunities for special seminars with some of world’s best instructors.  For these reasons, I am running for reelection for another 2 year term.  If you would like to support me please sign up for individual CUTA member ship.  You can sign up on-line at

Christmas Vacation: Studio will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd.  All classes will resume on Monday, January 5th. Also, if you are interested in ordering Sparring gear, T-shirts and Hoodies for gifts, please let me know.

Lastly, one of our students is selling her car.  It is 2008 Pontiac G5, 86,000 miles, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, asking $7,500 or Best offer.  Call Melinda at 805-444-9883 for more information.

Happy Holidays!

Grand Master Yong Choi
Choi’s Tae Kwon Do-Scotts Valley