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CUTA Officials Sign MOU With Gyeonggi-do Taekwondo Association

Gyeonggi-do Taekwondo Association President Park Yoon Kuk, and (CUTA) California Unified Taekwondo Association President Jun Yoon executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote future cooperation of further development in Taekwondo for all practitioners.

CUTA-GTA-MOU-Offical-SignsOn July 2nd at 2pm, Board Members of Gyeonggi-do Taekwondo Association and CUTA met to discuss and to execute the MOU, which provides an outline for exchange programs to benefit instructors and athletes. In attendance from CUTA for the MOU signing was President Jun Yoon, Secretary General Alex Antipa and Treasurer General Yong Choi.

On this day, President Park emphasized the importance of athlete development through quality instruction and competition to continue taekwondo’s future. President Park stated that he is impressed with the Taekwondo program in America because students of all ages and gender participate in the art of Taekwondo. In Korea, Taekwondo is mostly practiced by young children or primary and high school students. President Park hopes to have positive technical and cultural exchanges with the State of California through this MOU.

President Jun Yoon thanked Gyeonggi-do for hosting CUTA and creating this MOU. President Yoon stated that he has been living in the United States for the past 21 years but wants to provide a cultural bridge between Korean and Californian students. President Yoon admired that Gyeonggi-do Association is one of the largest and well respected organizations. He expressed that when both organizations put their collective resources together, many great things can be accomplished in the future.

CUTA-GTA-MOUSecretary General Alex Antipa said that every time he visits Korea, he learns many things and receives very positive experiences. Through this MOU, Secretary General Antipa hopes that both Associations not only develop deep friendships but also help each other in furthering mutual goals of developing athletes, instructors and coaches.

Vice President Hwang In Shik said he hopes there will be many seminar opportunities to provide uniformity to Poomse and Sparring techniques.

An immediate goal of this MOU is to offer exchange programs for instructors, students and competitors for the purpose of promoting friendships, cultural experiences and exchange of training techniques and ideas.