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Cardio Kick Boxing

Cardio Kick Boxing class, taught by Coach Tony de Leon 3rd Dan Black Belt on Mondays & Wednesday 09:00AM – 10:00 AM, Saturday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM starting from April 7th 2014

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Program Highlights

  • Class Break Down
  • Drill Descriptions
    • Dynamic Warm-Up Drills
    • Stand-Up Striking Drills
    • Grappling Conditioning Drills
    • Circuit Training
    • Abdominal Workout
  • Cost and Flyer

Class Breakdown

Time Activity
8 Minutes Dynamic Warm-Up and Stretching
20 Minutes Technical/Cardio training; Grappling conditioning and Stand-up striking.
7 Minutes Technical Drills Demonstration and Practice for Circuit
20 Minutes Circuit Training
5 Minutes Abdominal workout
Monday & Wednesday
9:00 AM-10:00 AM
Saturday 10:00 AM-11:00 AM


Activity Descriptions

Dynamic Warm-Up: The SKLZ Dynamic Warm-Up prepares participants’ bodies for training. Stretching and warm-up drills are combined to create a more efficient warm-up that also burns more calories. A proper warm-up increases efficiency of workout and helps prevent injuries. Technical Cardio Stand-Up Striking Drills: Participants will learn proper punching, kicking, elbow, and knee strikes. Participants practice the first few rounds slow then increase the intensity for a better workout. Striking drills will incorporate focus mits. heavy bags, kicking shields, and Muy Thai pads. (No actual sparring/fighting) Cardio Grappling Conditioning Drills: Participants will learn proper Wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu strength and conditioning techniques in a cardio format. These drills dramatically increase core strength and burn calories in a fun manner. (No actual fighting/wrestling)
Technical Drills Demo & Practice for Circuit: During the demonstration, participants will learn the proper technique to the strength and conditioning drills used in circuit training. Proper technique increases the efficiency of a workout and helps prevent injuries. Great for beginners and experiences athletes. Circuit Training: Circuit training consist of 6-12 workout stations participants rotate through. Stations will focus on different areas of the body such as upper body, legs, and core and different functions such as strength, agility, explosiveness, and endurance. Circuit training incorporates fun team challenges too! Core Workout: Every class ends with a fun core burn out challenge. Everyone from professional athletes to office professional’s benefit from a healthy core. A healthy core can prevent back injuries!


Program Tuition Packages

3 Classes p. Week Package 2 Classes p. Week Package Drop In Rate
Cost: $99 per month Cost: $80 per month Cost: $12 per class
Payment: Cash, Credit Card, or check (Payable to: Tony de Leon) Payment: Cash, Credit Card, or check (Payable to: Tony de Leon) Payment: Cash or Check Only (Payable to: Tony de Leon)

Required Equipment: Cardio Kick Boxing Gloves, Order From Grand Master Choi: $25